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Tiny Kitten Rescued From Manhole in Arizona WP#13

PHOTO: Kelley Mallon, an emergency animal technician with the Arizona Humane Society, rescued a tiny kitten from a manhole in Phoenix, Arizona, April 24, 2016.

ABC News

A tiny kitten named Tara was trapped in a manhole in  Phoenix for at least three days. The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) received a call from some one with concerns about a meowing coming from a storm drain. The rescue mission started Friday. The rescuers lowered a snake cam through a storm grate and they were able to confirm that there really was a trapped kitten in the manhole. The rescue ended Sunday when emergency animal medical technician (EAMT) Kelley Mallon was finally able to catch the kitten and bring her to safety.  She was taken to the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital. Tara weighs in at just 1 lb, and will be up for adoption in 3 weeks once she gains a little more weight.