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17 Year Old’s Uncanny Transformation into Vintage Character’s Earns Crowds of Followers WP #15

PHOTO: 17-Year-Old Recreates Famous Vintage Characters

This story is about 17 year old Annelies Overbeek, she lives in Belgium Germany. ¬†She is famous for recreating herself as iconic vintage characters such as; Daisy Buchanan, Vivienne Leigh, Disney Princesses, etc.. Her photo’s are so realistic and beautiful. She says the most difficult part is the eyebrows, trying to get just the right look. I recognize most of these characters from old movies and paintings. You can find more of her portraits on her Instagram page, @bewitchedquills. There is a few however, on the ABC News page, just click on the link below. Also I would appreciate if you could comment below, which character recreation is your favorite either from her Instagram or from the website linked below. Personally, I like the Vivienne Leigh portrait the best.